A Personal Lesson on the Importance of Health

Blessings and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

2014 was a good year:  I became a licensed massage therapist, formed my own business, began to establish a clientele, and took classes to offer additional services for my clients.

And just when things were going well, I caught whooping cough.

I consider myself a fairly healthy person–I try to exercise every day, eat healthy, and in general follow basic self-care guidelines.  After all, I need to stay healthy if I hope to remain a practicing massage therapist.  So getting sick was a big surprise–I wasn’t “run down” or overly stressed.  When my son came home sick from school about a week before, I took him to the doctor.  He had “probable bronchitis”, was given antibiotics and stayed home for a few days.  Then a few days later, I got sick.  Assuming I had the same thing, I also went to the doctor, received antibiotics, and came home to recover, assuming I would be back at it in a few days.  I contacted my clients and rescheduled them for the next few weeks.

Wrong assumption.  I continued to battle symptoms, believing I had bronchitis, and it was about a week later, when I awoke with a coughing spasm, that I had the stereotypical “whoop” sound.  I went  back to the doctor and asked for a pertussis test.  I was also given a prescription for chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia.  The results came back the following week:  x-ray clear, pertussis test positive.  Once again, I had to contact my clients to reschedule.

The whole experience has been a painful one:  my blossoming business has suffered a setback, and I was ill for more than a month. Thankfully my clients were not exposed.  I have had to patiently wait it out until I recovered sufficiently to safely resume work.  I am reminded that illness can happen to any of us at any time, despite our best precautions and our state of health.  The road to recovery can sometimes be a great teacher.

I will be posting info on my additional services soon–stay tuned!

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